Gluten Free Chocolate Ripple Cake

Some desserts just can’t be made gluten free, or so they say. When we end up going gluten free we miss out on so many things. So many delicious desserts that people are convinced simply can’t be done. Well I’m here to prove you wrong, (you know just like I did with my GF Tim Tams). Gluten free does not have to be boring or hard! So much so that you can make the classic Aussie dessert, the infamous Chocolate Ripple Cake. All with easy and divine homemade gluten free chocolate ripple biscuits.

Now before you freak out that this will be super hard, trust me, it’s not! These biscuits are insanely easy to whip up and are delicious all on their own. A mixture of a brownie and a classic biscuit, they’re chewy and fudgey all at once. They keep well for a few days so all you need to do next is slather them in gorgeous thickened sweet cream and pop it in the fridge! Voile! Instant dessert.

But what exactly is a Chocolate Ripple Cake?

An iconic Australian dessert that’s been around since the 30’s! An icebox (or fridge) dessert that was very simply constructed from just a few ingredients. Arnott’s Chocolate Ripple biscuits were sandwiched with thick cream, sweetened just a touch of icing sugar and vanilla bean, then stacked into a log. Then it was popped into the fridge, it really was that simple!

What it resulted in was a gorgeously soft almost cake like texture when sliced. (Thanks to the cream soaking into the biscuits). It was never polarising either with classic notes of chocolate and vanilla…. I mean can you even go wrong?

Now in theory this recipe should be super easy to convert to gluten free right?

Well except the tiny detail that there aren’t many decent gluten free chocolate biscuits available on the shelves of the supermarket! Small detail. Tiny!

But I’ve seen so many of you, my fabulous gluten free bakers, asking for this one dessert. So I knew I had to take the challenge to not only whip up a soft chewy chocolate biscuit that closely resembles the Chocolate Ripple but one that could be slabbed and slathered into perfect creamy cake goodness!

Gluten Free Chocolate Ripple Cake

A Challenge Was Born

I won’t lie, getting the texture right for these biscuits was a bit of a challenge at first! But I was determined to get a beautiful gluten free biscuit that was not only nice to eat on its own but held its place in a chocolate ripple cake.

The key was in the way we started the recipe, or rather what I call the Technique we used. In baking we have many types of techniques (creaming, melting, reverse creaming, muffin method). If you’re a member of my Gluten Free Baking Membership The Sweet Course Academy, then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about here.

To get that perfect chewiness I opted to use the Melting Method. A method where we melt the sugar and butter together first to create a gorgeously gooey caramel type consistency. From there it’s pretty simple and much like every other biscuit recipe you’ve seen, with eggs, vanilla, cocoa powder and flour added to form a dough.

Gluten Free Chocolate Ripple Cake

Gluten Free Chocolate Ripple Cake = Easy As Pie!

Honestly, it’s a super simple recipe. Whip up a batch of cookies, the day before, the day of, even freeze them, whatever time you have. Then whip together thickened cream with a little icing sugar (gluten free of course) and a touch of vanilla extract. Slather it all together in a slab, no need for it to be perfect here and done!

Your chocolate ripple cake will need a minimum of 6 hours in the fridge to not only set up, but to allow the cream to soak into the cookies. (Otherwise they’re too hard and it will be hard to cut). So you can certainly make this wonderful dessert well ahead of time, store in the fridge covered in cling wrap and pull it out when you’re ready! Serve with a dusting of extra cocoa powder and some fresh berries and you will WOW even the toughest of guests!


Now go ahead, give my Gluten Free Chocolate Ripple Cake a go today!

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