Gluten Free Wholesale Perth

Stock a range of truly decadent desserts that just so happen to be gluten free too!

There's "gluten free" and then there's Gluten Free!

Anyone can whip up a flourless chocolate brownie and call it their gluten free option. But it doesn't insight trust... nor does it set the taste buds alight! That's where we can help you!

100% Coeliac Safe & Gluten Free

Champagne & Gumboots, is like a handful of businesses in WA, Coeliac Australia Accredited. This means we don't just offer "gluten free" products. We specialise in it!

Coeliac Australia offer a Gluten Free Accreditation Program, its considered the benchmark in gluten free standards in food services and provides consumers they can ‘eat with confidence’ at your establishment.

Utilising an accredited wholesaler ensures not only do you meet Australian standards for gluten free, but it gives customers the trust and safety they're so desperately looking for.

Stocking a range of genuinely gluten free products and following CA's safety and service practices to reduce contamination risks will only grow your customer base! Let us help you!

Sweet GF Treats & Bites

Stock your fridge with genuinely delicious desserts. From cream filled profiteroles and Swiss rolls to classic favourites like Caramel and Peppermint slices!

Cakes by the Slice

Wow your customers with decadent layered cakes by the slice. Black Forest to Red Velvet to Lemon curd. We've got options for all taste buds.

Custom Desserts

Looking for something a little more unique for your restaurant desserts? We can design a custom dessert for you, like our famous GF Gin & Tonic Cheesecake!