Chewy Gluten Free Gingerbread Cookies

There are just some things that mean Christmas is only just around the corner. No I’m not talking about when all the shopping centers start playing Christmas carols or even when Santa appears in our malls. It’s that moment, when the tree is up and decorated, when the Christmas carols are playing softly in the background and you smell this heavenly scent wafting from the kitchen. The smell of spices and warmth, ginger and goodness. That smell, in my mind, means it’s officially Christmas. That smell can only be from my Gluten Free Gingerbread cookies. 

I have to admit, with all the craziness that’s been going on in our lives lately, I was not overly enthused about putting up my tree. We finally moved into the “dream house” only a week ago and everything is all chaos and packing boxes. Dust and yellow sand are everywhere and there’s no where near enough coffee.

Eventually I admitted defeat and put it up, though it took me a whole 3 days to finish off decorating it. Which, if you know me, is pure freaking craziness! I love Christmas! And normally it only takes a mere hour or two to complete the job. Once it was done though it did start to feel a little more festive. Something was still missing though!

So I dove right into the kitchen. Knowing that, as usual, that would be where I would find my zen. A couple hours later and the whole house was smelling of freshly baked gluten free gingerbread, shortbread and truffles. Throw in the obligatory carols and twinkling lights and I finally felt my Christmas cheer set in. Thank Christ. I so did not want to be the Grinch this year!

Gluten Free Gingerbread That Works!

Whether you like your gingerbread cookies in a circle, as a gingerbread man or a house, this recipe will do the job! In fact these gluten free gingerbread cookies are the perfect density for a Cookie Stamp Co too! Which just so happened to be on my wish list this year! Seriously, head over and check their range of custom cookie stamps out, they are so friggin cute. I will be needing way more than one though, that’s for damn sure!

The best part though, is that this recipe is fully customisable depending on what you’re doing. Bake them as is (recipe below) for the perfect standard cookie or if you’re making little men or using a stamp. But if you want to make a gluten free gingerbread house?! Then all you need to do is bake your slabs of gingerbread for 10-12 minutes instead! Easy! Well, the baking part that is!

Gingerbread cookie cutter

A Gluten Free Christmas

Ever since I went gluten free there are few things I miss more than baked Christmas goodies. That simply comes back to the fact that I’ve never been able to master them and get that true feeling of Christmas back (…you know, in my stomach!). I just knew, once I perfected these gluten free gingerbread cookies that I would have to share them all with you. Because I know so many of you are in the same position! After much tinkering and changing and many, many (seriously, MANY!) batches of different flavours and mixture types I finally found a way to make gluten free gingerbread taste just like I remember. That perfect mix of chewiness and softness, with a perfectly balanced zing of ginger.

So, if like me, you’ve been dying to get your hands on the perfect gluten free gingerbread cookie. Or maybe you just need a little extra injection of Christmas spirit.

Either way these cookies are for you!

For more easy and delicious Gluten Free Christmas recipes check out my new eBook, A Very Merry Gluten Free Christmas!

A Very Merry Gluten Free Christmas

Gluten Free Gingerbread

There really is nothing better, in my mind, than a house full of love, family and the smell of gingerbread at this festive time of year!

What scents bring Christmas to life in your home?

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Want even more Gluten Free Gingerbread goodness? This recipe works a treat when used to make a Gingerbread house or cute little gift boxes! Simply cut into squares and bake!

Gluten Free Gingerbread Boxes

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