Custom Gluten Free Cakes & Cupcakes

Don't miss out at your next celebration!

Some occasions can only be celebrated with cake.

Design a bespoke gluten free cake that not only looks stunning, but tastes so good your guests will never know it’s gluten free. Truly a custom affair, these cakes can be fashioned from a selection of chocolate drips, fondant, buttercream details, piping, and custom cake toppers.

Cake Serving Sizes

Cake serving sizes... ahh yes, the most confusing part of ordering a custom cake. Lots of different elements are included in the costing of a cake, but the biggest one of all is whether you plan on serving your cake as dessert!

When it comes to cake servings we work with two sizes: Dessert or Coffee/Event serves. But without having ever cut your own cake how do you know which one you need? It's simple really. What time of day/meal are you planning on serving your cake at?

If it's after dinner as dessert, then we recommend you go dessert serves. These are large pieces of cake big enough to finish off your meal nicely and not need anything more (well except maybe seconds!). They usually measure around 5cm x 2.5cm x height of your cake.

The other end of the scale is a coffee sized serve. This is where cake is served, well with coffee, AFTER dessert. Often you'll be so full from dessert that all you want is a slither of cake. This size is also ideal for morning and afternoon teas where most folks don't typically eat a lot. These slices are also known as finger serves as they're tall and skinny like your finger. They measure approx 2.5cm x 2.5cm x height of your cake.

So you can see if you need a cake for 20 people dessert you'll need TWICE the amount of cake than if you were to go coffee serves! This of course affects the size of the cake you need and therefore the price!

In case you are still confused.... this pic is the perfect visual representation of both sizes. Now personally in my opinion there is no such thing as too much cake...

Fantastic service and a Beautiful cake made for my daughters 5th Birthday. The cake was absolutely delicious and my daughter enjoyed her special day having her own gluten free Birthday cake. Also enjoyed the yummy cupcakes. Anyone looking for Gluten free cakes, I definitely recommend Champagne & Gumboots.💗

Amanda Smith

Our order was perfect! Stacey created my son's stunning white choc and raspberry 21st Birthday cake with beautiful blue ombre buttercream and a perfect personalised acrylic topper. Gluten free and delicious! Lovely premises, friendly staff and awesome GF products.

Jo Ponton

I ordered a beautiful cake for my 50th birthday and let me tell you no one was more excited about my cake than I. The cake toppers were organised by Stacey and were perfect! The cake was everything I hoped for and more. Thank you for being the cherry on my birthday celebrations! 🙏

Marianne Lovell