Gluten Free Melting Moments

Some recipes are just a memory in every bite, don’t you think? Especially those that have been handed down through the generations. I know, I know, it would be a rare day for my husband’s Gran to whip up a batch of gluten free melting moments 5o years ago. But there’s definitely something in the simplistic way of baking they had. It’s this simple way of approaching classics like the melting moment (or yo-yo’s as some may know them) that I think made them so damn easy and yummy to make.

Often, and I’ll be the first to admit it, I think we can make gluten free baking over complicated with all these new fan-dangled flours and ingredients. OH don’t get me wrong! I love mixing up new flours and seeing how each one works within a recipe, and I definitely have a few recipes that MUST have specific blends to make them work. But something as simple as the melting moment? No I decided this time to keep it seriously simple.

Gluten Free Melting Moments

How simple? Try 5 ingredients simple! 

You’ll find no pesky or weird ingredients here, that are just going to go off in your pantry when you never need to use them again. The hardest part to a recipe like this has already been done for you. It came down to trial and error to get the perfect amount of butter, but I got there eventually. Now that means you get to reap my rewards.

Can you remember the last time you delighted in some gorgeous gluten free melting moments? 

I couldn’t! I mean, yes I’ve occasionally bought the pre-packaged store type. But really. They’re not that good are they? They’re just missing something rather important. Call it love or the homemade touch but there’s definitely something to baking (and more importantly, eating) something homemade.

Gran's recipe

Admittedly it can be a little hard to decipher Gran’s handwriting sometimes.

That’s why I desperately wanted to try this recipe. It’s my husband’s Grans’ recipe. Which she gifted to us along with an assortment of other gorgeous family recipes when we got engaged many years ago. I, honest to goodness, cherish recipes like this and not just because of the family connection. It’s because they’re traditional, handwritten recipe cards.

They’re something tangible that we’ll be able to keep and pass down in our own family. And at the rate my kiddo is going, I definitely think he’ll be wanting them when he’s older. We’ve got quite the mini cook on our hands already! (you can’t half tell how excited and proud I am of that fact huh!)

Keep it simple!

When you’re working with such a simple recipe with only a handful of ingredients it’s imperative that you get each one just right. So be sure to work with good quality ingredients. To make it easier I’ve recommended some of my favourite brands below for you to check out.

Whilst making the cookies themselves don’t stress if the mixture looks a bit dry. It’s meant to be! The point of difference with a short biscuit (ie. shortbread, melting moments) is that there is no added liquid. So no eggs, oil, melted butter, coconut oil etc. Without these ingredients you get a truly short cookie and it just melts in your mouth. But I mean, that’s the best bit, right?! It can make them a little hard to handle though, so warming the mixture through your hands can help bring it together.

But enough fluffing about, I know a lot of you have been waiting patiently to get your hands on this one. So without any further a do, here are my Gluten Free Melting Moments.

Preparing Gluten Free Melting MomentsThe mixture is quite dry, so you may need to work each ball just a little to get it to this smooth stage. Try to keep it to a minimum though, too much heat in your hands will melt the butter! Then press down briefly with a flour fork to flatten, don’t stress if they crack a little.

Piping gluten free melting moments

Use a piping bag with a Wilton 1M tip to pipe your gorgeous lemony icing. It adds just a touch of whimsy don’t you think?!

[[ recipeID=recipe-9l44zotax, title=Gluten Free Melting Moments ]]

Planning on giving Gran’s Gluten Free Melting Moments a try? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to tag us in any of your creations on Instagram with #champagneandgumbootsbakes

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  • Leigh Hill on Jun 23, 2023

    OMG these were so easy to make and tasted amazing! No surpise though I have tried several of your recipes and they are all delicious. Thank you :-)

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