Gluten Free Ice Cream Sandwich (just like you remember)

The absolute worst part of being Coeliac or Gluten Intolerant is having glorious memories of your favourite foods. It’s often the simplest things that you’d end up missing too, especially on days when you can’t find anything to eat (that won’t make you sick). That’s why I decided to turn one of my absolute favourite desserts into something I could enjoy. Enter my newly minted, Gluten Free Ice Cream Sandwich.

I have these memories, of sitting on the floor scoffing down fish and chips on a Friday night. I couldn’t of been more than 8 years old? God I don’t know, it was forever ago. Friday nights were junk food and movie nights with my family and their closest friends you see. We kids would get a feed of junk food, then an ice cream. Then we’d bundle up in bed and watch a movie, while the adults did the same in the lounge room.

It was fab. The best part of these nights though, was always the ice cream. Naturally my favourite flavour/type at the time would vary… but my god, some days I just couldn’t go past a good ole Peters Giant Sandwich.

Melty Gluten Free Ice Cream Sandwiches

Why has no one thought to make a Gluten Free Ice Cream Sandwich and sell it?
Come on Peters!!

As most things do, they changed over time, and by the time I was a teenager, I swear the simple giant sandwich was half the size and tasted totally different. My dad swears the same, we were both avid lovers. Of course, you eventually move on to other delicious and amazing ice cream selections, but I would always love that classic giant sandwich and would occasionally eat one, purely for nostalgia.

The problem of course arose when I was diagnosed gluten intolerant. Hmm yup. I bet you know what happened next. I was never able to eat another one again! and I mean, even if they weren’t the same as before I still wanted the CHOICE! Years have gone by now and I hadn’t given much thought to the simple ice cream sandwich. I pretty much wrote off all ice creams on a stick. It’s not like I can walk into a servo and ask for a gluten free ice cream sandwich.

But then, something happened the other day. I can’t even tell you exactly what. All I knew, was that I HAD to try my hand at making one myself. “Surely they can’t be that hard!” I said……

…. well guess what. They are so easy to make, I mean, seriously simple. And what’s better is they work so well being made gluten free too! No crazy flour combinations or weird ingredients you have to source because you need to recreate some fluffy, light texture that gluten would normally do. Nope. None of that! Oh and did I mention, they taste better than the ones available in shops. They actually taste just like the old fashioned ones we used to eat as children, I kid you not!

You can even tailor them to your own flavour choice. A traditional vanilla ice cream lover? Then go ahead and use vanilla ice cream. Want to mix it up a little bit? Use neopolitan like I’ve done  here. But always be sure to check your ice cream label for gluten free, there really are so many choices out there now.

So stop day dreaming about that classic childhood ice cream and get in the kitchen and whip up my Gluten Free Ice Cream Sandwich…. or better yet, make two… because, you know, they won’t last more than 5 minutes.

[[ recipeID=recipe-9l4522hcn, title=Gluten Free Ice Cream Sandwiches ]]

Well how about that folks! A simple dessert that is sure to wow your guests or, well, yourself, when you just need something a little sweet and cold. And of course, there’s no telling it’s gluten free!!

Now, I’m just left wondering…. how many are left in my freezer?

Have you given my Old Fashioned Gluten Free Ice Cream Sandwich a try? Let me know in the comments below! 

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  • Jenni on Jun 23, 2023

    Made for Christmas today! Was a hit with everyone. Added some choc chips and a swirl of strawberry jam through my icecream.

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