Boozy Christmas Gluten Free Truffles

There’s nothing quite like getting a big bag of homemade treats at Christmas time is there, well at least I think so. You have to admit, there’s just something kind of wonderful and truly Christmassy when you receive a thoughtfully baked/made/chilled gift, preferably wrapped in crinkly cellophane or displayed in a beautiful little Christmas tin. Personally I love giving homemade gifts, whether they’re delicious baked cookies, decorated gingerbread men or a cute little Christmas card. But my all time favourite gift to give are my Gluten Free Truffles. They’re just a little bit naughty, and a whole lot of nice!

Homemade With Love… and booze

I just love the idea that someone will receive and enjoy this little gift I’ve made them and know that I chose to put my heart (and a good dash of whisky) into it’s creation. It’s also a great way to deal with those pesky people that are just impossible to buy for too! You know the ones I’m talking about. The grandma who quite literally has everything, the uncle that wants for nothing. Or the niece who is, lets say, gluten or dairy intolerant!

It really is a great alternative to buying a heap of little gifts for people at the time of year when it’s more about spending time together and appreciating all that we have. Plus you know, who doesn’t need a hit of booze at Christmas. All that family milling about? Gah! Whip up some of these bad boys and you’ll be ducking into the fridge “just to check on something” every time tipsy Aunty Mildred starts pointing out everyone’s faults!!

Whisky Christmas Gluten Free Truffles

Gluten Free Truffles – They’re Not Just For Christmas!

These delectable little morsels aren’t just for Christmas time either. You can whip up a quick batch of these quite literally when ever you like for any reason at all! They’re also incredibly versatile. You can flavour them with whatever you feel like. I just so happen to like the whisky for dessert side of things! Why not try the smooth tones of espresso or a perfectly holiday-eque hint of peppermint! Be sure to check out my full list of substitutions in the recipe notes below.

I will be perfectly honest right now though, it’s incredibly hard to actually give these away. My first batch are currently sitting in my fridge, where upon I remove at least one every time I open the door! My gorgeous friends who these were originally for MIGHT get some next week…. might. We’ll just have to see how nice they are 😉

Boozy Christmas Gluten Free Truffles

So whether it’s for a delectable Christmas treat, a gift made with love or to “take the edge off” those made Christmas shopping trips. You’ll definitely want to give my Gluten Free Truffles a try. 

[[ recipeID=recipe-9l455cgfz, title=Boozy Gluten Free Christmas Truffles ]]

Do you love edible gifts too? Pop your answer into the comments below.

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