Gluten Free Pasties

There’s nothing worse than being heaped with a pile of leftovers. Whether it’s after a family roast, BBQ or the dreaded Christmas lunch, piles of leftovers taking up space in the fridge is a complete pain. (There really is only so many toasties one can make!!). Enter my Gluten Free Pasties! A super simple and easy recipe that utilizes leftover meat, frozen veg and a couple of pantry staples you’ll no doubt have laying around. You’ll be able to whip these bad boys up in a pinch!

This delicious recipe was born from you betcha, Christmas leftovers. This particular year I had turkey coming out of my ears!! and family laying about wanting feeding, something other than toasted sangas of course. So I had to get creative and all with whatever I had laying around, because damn if I was not leaving the house to go to the shops! I used to work in retail and have always worked Boxing Day, so I really do revel in no longer having to do so.

In my opinion Boxing Day is a day for staying in your pjs, watching the test match and hanging with the family. Maybe cracking open one of the new books you got for Chrissy and of course…… EATING. But seriously, you don’t need to be slaving away in the kitchen whilst everyone else relaxes! So a simple and quick recipe that can use up as many leftovers as possible is always my go to.

Gluten Free Pasties…. I mean can you even go wrong?? 


With this super simple dish, you don’t have to. Raid the ridge and the freezer for leftovers and frozen veg, throw in a few pantry staples and you’re done. Half an hour and you’ll be back on the lounge watching the Aussies hit sixes. If you don’t have any leftover meat to use here you can just as easily whip it up. Grill some chicken, steam up some potatoes or slice in some sausages. It’s that easy and yes the flavour work no matter what.

I think the best part about this whole dish though is that they use store bought gluten free frozen puff pastry. Yes I know it can sometimes have a horrible reputation for being difficult to use. But with the right tips and tricks you can go from a crumbly frozen mess to delicious gluten free pasties in no time. It’s also incredibly delicious and gives you that great flaky taste that you won’t even know is gluten free.

My favourite store bought Gluten free pastry has to be Simply Wize. Stocked in most major shops like Woolworths and IGAs but also in online health food stores. You’ll find it in the frozen Gluten Free section generally. Hands down it’s my favourite but feel free to use whatever good gluten free puff pastry you like.


Check out my YouTube video below to see how to make Gluten Free Pastry work!

Ultimately that’s the goal right? To put down a dish that everyone can enjoy, gluten free or not. I don’t believe in making one dish that I can eat and one dish for the rest of the family! That’s just an insane amount of work and not to mention the cross contamination risk! So I just don’t do it, so I’ve made it my goal in life to create delicious gluten free food and well…. that’s why you’re here isn’t it!

Speaking of delicious gluten free goodies, you have to check out my Gluten Free Sausage Rolls too! Just as easy and honestly even tastier than these gluten free pasties!


So how’s that for a simple way to get rid of  your leftovers…. not to mention how damn yummy they are. Don’t forget to tag me @champagneandgumboots #champagneandgumbootsbakes in all of your baking for a chance to be featured! 


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