Gluten Free Hot Cross Buns

If you’ve been eating gluten free for even five minutes then I’ll bet you know how, average a lot of gluten free store bought food is. Some things just can’t be done gluten free well I can tell you that. (hello gluten free tim tams!) But what if I told you one of your favourite Easter dishes could actually be made gluten free and taste almost as good as the original! Honestly! Better yet, it’s made super simple with my cheat that could see you knocking up mountains of Gluten Free Hot Cross Buns today! And with Easter only just around the corner, what better time than now to get started!

Gluten Free Hot Cross Buns – Really?

Yes, really. I know there are some available in the supermarkets, well, when you can actually find them! But I think they really don’t taste that great. Especially since they’ve been frozen and then allowed to thaw on the shelves, so god knows how old they are! That’s why last year I decided enough was enough! I wanted to enjoy delicious gluten free hot cross buns just like I used to. By absolutely scoffing myself stupid on them for months weeks in the lead up to Easter. There really is no other way to eat them is there?!

It really did take a long time for me to nail these babies. I have tried soooo many recipes, including a lot of others I found on the big wide web. But none of them really tasted the same! They were either too flat, or too soggy, or over cooked or too chewy. Or just plain bad! Even my earlier attempts I reckon tasted better than some of these. Eventually though I came onto a winner and a seriously simple one at that!

Gluten Free Hot Cross Buns

Gluten Free Bread Mix For The Win!

I know I’ve probably mentioned it before, but living in the country can suck sometimes. Especially when I’m trying to find specialty gluten free flours. Which is exactly what I was trying to do to create these divine gluten free hot cross buns. But alas, it was just waaaaaay too much work (and a lot of wasted $$). That’s when I happened upon the idea of using something readily available and simple. The good ole gluten free bread mix from the supermarket. They already contained a perfect blend of gluten free flours. All I had to do was add the spices and sultanas!

OK so it wasn’t quite that easy! It still took quite a bit of experimenting and some boxed bread mixes certainly work better. BUT in the end I produced a nearly perfect gluten free hot cross bun. I say nearly perfect purely because I don’t think it’s possible for it to be 100%. But dang it if I didn’t get them real close! When toasted or warmed in the microwave, slathered in just slightly salty butter, it’s like heaven! Or more importantly, almost like I wasn’t gluten free anymore!

So Which Bread Mix To Use?

As you’ll see in the below recipe I state a specific gluten free bread mix to make my hot cross buns. But I have semi-successfully used others too. My go-to is the Simply Wize Crusty Bread mix. You can find it in your local IGA and other select stores, or order online! I have had some success with the Orgran Alternative Grain Wholemeal Bread Mix too, though it is a little stodgier and doesn’t brown up quite as nice. Now I also don’t normally do this, but I will admit, the Easy Bakers gluten free bread mixes, don’t work here. Which is a dang shame as I love their bread mixes normally! But hey, I guess we can’t have everything!

But how’s that for simple! You pop a bag of bread mix into a mix master, whack in some spices, dried fruit and some warm water, oil and yeast in. Wollah! Gluten Free Hot Cross Buns! Now you can truly get back to enjoying your Easter in style. Just like you used to!

Oh and if you have one of those pesky “I hate cooked fruit” people in your family like I do? Then you definitely need to be checking out my Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Hot Cross Buns too!

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Hot Cross Buns

Now hop to it and get those Gluten Free Hot Cross Buns in your belly!

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