Gluten Free Baileys Cheesecake Balls

I’ve never been one for needing an excuse to treat myself (though I suppose that’s kind of obvious huh!) but without fail every Christmas and New Years I make several trays of Baileys Cheesecake Balls and Boozy Truffles! They just make the perfect addition to any celebration. But let’s not be fussy here, you can make these bad boys any day of the year! The best part though? They’re already gluten free and they’re super simple to make lactose free. Making my Gluten Free Baileys Cheesecake Balls suitable for all, meaning no one has to miss out!

Just what is a Baileys Cheesecake Ball?

At the festive time of the year I want delicious, show stopping and above all SIMPLE! That’s why there’s just 5 ingredients in these cheesecake balls. Now in case you’re wondering just what a cheesecake ball is, let me break it down. You’ve heard of Tim Tam balls right? Well these are my version…. just you know without those pesky gluten filled bikkies we all love.

If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know I hate the idea of anyone having to miss out (ahem, mainly me) but that means I’ve made it my mission to create delicious gluten free recipes that everyone can enjoy. Now that I’m mostly lactose free as well, it means I’m converting even more recipes. But they can’t just be good for gluten free, they have to be good for everyone!

At they’re core they’re simply gluten free biscuits of your choice, ground up and mix with cream cheese, (or lactose cream cheese) baileys and dipped in chocolate! Can you say yum?

Gluten Free Baileys Cheesecake Balls

What’s in a gluten free biscuit?

Ahhh yesss the dear old gluten free biscuit. They tend to get quite the bad wrap don’t they? But fear not it doesn’t really matter what type or flavour biscuit you use here. The cream cheese and baileys flavours override most of the biscuit flavour, so use what you can get! I’ve always been a fan of the Woollies Arrowroot biscuits but you could easily use a store bought choc creme biscuit. You’ll find plenty of choices in the gluten free aisle at your local supermarket!

To make the Baileys Cheesecake Balls lactose free as well you simply use Philadelphia Lactose Free cream cheese, dairy free chocolate such as Sweet Williams or Green and Blacks! Most of the Woolworths gluten free biscuits are also dairy free, so it’s very easy to make the switch. Keep in mind this recipe will work lactose free but not full dairy free or vegan. The vegan cream cheeses on the market simply don’t solidify enough to create the texture you want here.

Making Gluten Free Baileys Cheesecake Balls

Make them to suit you!

When are say these delicious bad boys are super easy to change up they really are! Not just making them lactose free or mixing up your choice of biscuit, you can also adapt the flavour. I love to make these with Baileys of course! They are Baileys Cheesecake Balls after all! But if you’d like to make them alcohol free you can just as easily. Simply swap the 60ml of Baileys to thick cream or lactose free cream. Then add a few drops of your favourite essence to add a little extra something. I love Salted Caramel extract, but there’s so many you can get these days. Check out the baking aisle at Spotlight or Kitchen Warehouse for a full range of delicious extracts and essences.

With so many options and ways you can make these your own, you definitely want to give my Gluten Free Baileys Cheesecake Balls a go for your next event.

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