Classic Gluten Free Pumpkin Scones

Some recipes are simply classic Aussie fare. So many come to mind for me, especially having grown up in the country. Nary a fundraiser would come along that you wouldn’t see at least one CWA lady with her homemade scones. It’s just the way it was! But with times changing and less and less people baking. Plus the rise of paleo and vegan and all that other faff, you just don’t see those classic recipes as much. That’s why I love to dig through my good ole copy of the CWA cook book. It’s simply brimming with those classic Australian dishes that most of us grew up with. I truly love the nostalgia from whipping one of them. That’s why when I was asked (by all of you fab readers!) to whip up a batch of gluten free pumpkin scones I turned to the CWA for inspiration! 

Inspiration, Coffee & History

There’s nothing I love better than sitting back with a cup of coffee, a slice of fruit cake (stay tuned!!) and a couple of cook books. I know they’re not strictly considered light reading, but I really love flicking through cook books! Especially if the writer shares a little story about their history behind the recipe. The CWA cook book isn’t quite to that same level, but there’s still so much to learn from it. I really do love just flicking through their recipes. I mean some of them are just so vague! To me anyway, haha, though I hardly think I’m the only one to not fully understand their instructions!

Again it was their classic pumpkin scone recipe that I turned to when I felt inspiration hit. Now normally turning a basic scone recipe into a gluten free delicacy isn’t the easiest of tasks. But I’m going to admit, this one was seriously easy. It didn’t even take that much refining to make them work! And now, I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but they’re even better than my Classic Gluten Free Scones! I know, right?! They’re just that perfect balance of pumpkin-yness and sweetness. Seriously, just try them!

CWA cook book

Classic & Simple!

So you know how a lot of bakers swear by weighing their ingredients? Yeah I don’t do that. Yes it makes for a larger margin of error but honestly, I can’t be bothered most of the time. The first time I made these gluten free pumpkin scones though, I did weigh it all out. Since the recipe calls for two types of gluten free flours I thought it would be the easier way to go. Then I made them again, just to get them truly perfect. And I forgot to weight the flours…. and guess what? They turned out even better! Yes baking is normally a “precision” activity and being highly attentive to details, I like that. But really? Sometimes things just taste better when you throw it all together. So really, don’t be overly precious with these babies.

Oh and they also keep really well…. not that they tend to last past their immediate bake time. I mean, who doesn’t LOVE a piping hot scone, slathered with salted butter. But on the one occasion where we didn’t eat them all immediately they actually kept well for 2-3 days in a Tupperware container. Which, if you’ve ever made gluten free scones before, you’ll know is a rarity!

Pumpkin scone dough

Want to see just how to make my Classic Gluten Free Pumpkin Scones? Check it out on YouTube now via the image below. 

But enough faffing about. Read on and whip up your very own Classic Gluten Free Pumpkin Scones!

Gluten Free Pumpkin Scones

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P.S. Thank you to all the fabulous readers for recommending this one! Remember, if you’ve got a recipe recommendation, pop me an email!!! 

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