Classic Gluten Free Custard Tarts

There are days when I still linger outside my local bakery’s doors. Just sniffing and gazing longingly in their window at all the delicious, warm, freshly baked goodies. Most days I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything but there are still the odd days when I find myself doing this. (I mean it’s not like I’m pressed up against the window, breathing heavily or anything :-P). What do you miss most from visiting a bakery? Is it the smell of cinnamon doughnuts, the flakiness of a croissant? Or is it simply the lure of that glorious creation, white bread? For me, it all comes down to the simple Baked Custard Tart and that is why I had to try creating them myself. So this one is for you my bakery lovers, my classic gluten free custard tarts.

It’s funny actually, how many times people have asked me for these melty goodies. I guess they’re just one of those iconic choices huh. Nary a bakery will you find without a simple baked custard tart on their shelf. It’s like a chocolate eclair…. oh gawd, don’t get me thinking about those!! They’re definitely in the too hard basket at the moment. But a simple baked gluten free custard tart? Nah, that one’s easy. Honest! Like truly! The only really “hard” part is making the delicious melt-in-your-mouth gluten free shortcrust pastry. And even that isn’t that hard!

Simple and Delicious

I think what makes gluten free custard tarts so special are there simplicity. There really isn’t a lot to them. A basic  shortcrust pastry that’s all flaky and melty and just the right amount of crumbly. And a soft and delicately vanilla flavoured custard with that little nutty note from the nutmeg. Because what is a custard tart without nutmeg people!! I mean it even looks wrong!

The best part about whipping these up for you guys, is that I’ve taken the hard part out for you. I’ve created a really simple gluten free shortcrust pastry recipe that really is super easy to nail. So check that off the list! And the rest? Well it really is as basic as whisking some eggs, warm milk, vanilla and sugar together in a bowl. Wollah! Simple, delicious and destined for your stomach along with a big cup of coffee and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Gluten Free Custard Tarts

So please, don’t dirty your local bakeries windows any longer. Simply hop in the kitchen and give these gorgeous Gluten Free Custard Tarts a go. You’ll thank me later… well, if you can… your mouth will likely be glued shut with custardy goodness!

Oh and if you’re not a glutard yourself, do me a favour? Make these for your glutarded friends, we’ll love you forever and ever and ever. We’re good like that, simply win us over through our stomachs. Now if only I could nail that chocolate eclair recipe!…. hmmmmm

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