Gluten Free Chocolate Swiss Roll

No matter where in the world you are, I can almost guarantee you’ve eaten some version of a swiss roll. Whether you know it as a chocolate log, roulade or simply, the swiss roll. It has become a rather iconic dessert or tea time snack. Here in Oz the store bought variety is still incredibly popular with a cuppa in the arvo. So when we find out we have to add this delicious dessert to our no-go list, it can all get rather depressing! That’s why I’ve made it my mission to re-invent these delicious and often, easy desserts with a gluten free twist. Enter my Gluten Free Chocolate Swiss Roll recipe. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this one! 

We all have that memory right? Whether it was the good ole chocolate and cream classic, or the sponge and jam roll. Every time you stopped for a quick cuppa with a friend, or morning tea in the workplace. Someone always seemed to produce one of these babies from somewhere! Am I right?! Now that I know I’m gluten intolerant I just try to ignore the yummy goodies everyone else is enjoying. Every now and again though, it would just be nice to join in.

Never Feel Left Out Again!

That’s really what it all comes down to for me. I don’t see Coeliac disease or gluten intolerance as a major hurdle anymore. Especially so if I do the baking!! But it would just be nice every once in a while if someone thought about me when it came to morning tea. That’s why I’ve been tearing through the pages of my old CWA cook book and hitting up my husbands’ Gran’s recipes. I figure if I can show you all just how easy it is to recreate these classic recipes that we love and remember so well. Then maybe, just maybe, one day someone will rock up to work with one of my babies in their hands and say “Hey look what I made you! Now you don’t have to miss out!”

Gluten Free Chocolate Swiss Roll

The Chocolate Swiss Roll with a Gluten Free Twist

I reckon this Gluten Free Chocolate Swiss Roll is the perfect fit! It’s almost exactly how I remember the store bought ones being. Especially if you make it the day before and keep it wrapped up in the fridge! It takes on this gorgeously moist denseness and I swear, when you slice it up, it’s exactly the same. Better yet, this is another one of those recipes that every time I whip it up people don’t realize it’s gluten free. Perfect huh!

So if you’ve been hankering for a simple and light slice of Gluten Free Chocolate Swiss Roll, you definitely need to give this one a try! Or maybe you’ve been looking for the perfect morning tea treat for your Ceoliac friend. (Trust me, it will definitely put you in the good books!) Either way, you need to whip this up today! You honestly can’t go wrong!

Preparing the Gluten Free Chocolate Swiss Roll

Baking a Gluten Free Chocolate Swiss Roll

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