Easy Gluten Free Caramel Slice

Being diagnosed Coeliac or Gluten Intolerant can certainly come as a shock. Personally it wasn’t much of a surprise for me, it definitely explained a lot. But after the shock can come the crashing and sometimes devastating realization that you’re going to have to miss out on so many of your favourite foods. Well I’m here to slap that notion out of you!! Just because you are gluten free now, does not mean you have to miss out on anything! In fact, it can actually be pretty damn simple to replicate some of your favourite dishes! Enter my simple but classic Gluten Free Caramel Slice to thoroughly prove my point!

I’m not even entirely sure when it happened, or why, but there seems to be this underlying voice in the gluten free community that eating gluten free is hard. Oh yes! It certainly can be when people don’t understand exactly what it’s like or how easily they can make you sick. (Especially restaurants, but we’ll save that debate for another day!) For some reason the vast majority of gluten free people I speak to seem to think that they have to miss out all the time! And you know what? This actually makes me really sad. Because you don’t have too! I know the big bad world of gluten free cooking can seem really scary at first. But let me tell you it is completely possible to make gluten free food that tastes and looks EXACTLY like your favourite gluten filled foods.

Easy Gluten Free Caramel Slice

I Know You Don’t Believe Me!!!

I used to spend a surprisingly large amount of time convincing people to try my gluten free goodies. Like really! “Just taste the damn thing! It’s amazing, I promise.” And that’s not just my glutarded taste buds talking, this comes from my gluten eating husband too. Now a days, I just don’t tell people it’s gluten free….. well, not until after they’ve raved about how great it tastes! What’s better yet, is there’s no secret to it. Honest! Making some of your classic desserts and dishes with a gluten free twist is surprisingly easy.

It comes simply down to the ingredients. The biggest surprise I’ve encountered along this crazy journey, is just how many of your stock-standard baking ingredients are actually already gluten free. Which is great! As it makes converting your old favourite recipes so much easier. Take Nestle for example. They make so many delicious goodies which just so happen to be GF and not produced on contaminated machines. This is simply perfect, as I’ve been dying to whip up a batch (or three) of my gluten free caramel slice! Which is so easy to do as almost all the ingredients are already gluten free!

Want to see just how I make my Gluten Free Caramel Slice? Head to YouTube by clicking the link below and see not only how to make this bad boy Step-by-Step, but I’ll be sharing my 3 SIMPLE TIPS TO NAILING it every single time. 

Now can you tell me when was the last time you had a piece of caramel slice? I’m talking all snappy chocolate, sticky smooth caramel and crunchy biscuit base! I certainly couldn’t. That’s why I so badly wanted to try my hand at it. And when I realized that Nestle’s condensed milk is gluten free, just like their dark chocolate, I knew it would be a piece of cake. See what I mean? Most of the ingredients in my slightly salted gluten free caramel slice are already gluten free. In fact the only real “swap” I had to make, was with basic gluten free plain flour. Ta-Dah! How easy was that?

So instead of just listening to me rave about this delicious slice, get to it! Pick up the basic but seriously yummy ingredients and make a batch of gluten free caramel slice that NO ONE will believe, since it’s so damn good!

Go on! I dare you! 

Making the base

The only true “swap” here is using a basic gluten free plain flour in the base. Any will do! But I must say, I do love the White Wings gluten free range!

Making the caramel

The key to a perfect caramel is continuously stirring it as it comes to the boil. Then taking it off just as it slightly darkens in colour! Wollah!

Gluten free caramel slice squares

Dark chocolate just adds to the beautiful intensity of this dessert and the use of coconut oil in the mix helps give it a gorgeous snap! A sprinkle of sea salt flakes just finishes it off perfectly!

Want an easy trick to cut your gluten free caramel slice? Simply heat your knife up with hot water before hand, wipe clean, and slice!

[[ recipeID=recipe-9l45309zc, title=Easy Gluten Free Caramel Slice ]]

I just knew this recipe was too good not to share with you all! And too easy! So now there really is no reason why you can’t enjoy your favourite desserts, only gluten free!

Tell me, what was your favourite naughty little treat prior to going GF?

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  • Sue G on Oct 02, 2022

    Great recipe. I have just baked this caramel slice. I inadvertently over cooked the caramel slice but fortunately I saved it in time before it burnt. It ended up tasting between butterscotch and caramel. Different but still very delicious. I have just been reviewing some of your other recipes and I am keen to try some of them out. Thank you.

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