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By joining The Sweet Course Academy you’ll not only receive new limited edition recipes not available anywhere else, but you'll also learn the how and why behind the recipes! This isn’t just a recipe subscription, it’s so much more.

The Sweet Course Academy doors are currently closed for new students. We only open our doors a few times a year. To ensure you don't miss out, join out wait list by entering your details below! Then you'll be the FIRST to be learn all about it and how you can join!

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What exactly is The Sweet Course Academy?

In a nutshell the SCA is an exclusively Gluten Free Recipe Membership! Each month you receive a lesson and brand new recipe that not only shows you just how to bake gluten free. But you'll also learns the why behind your baking. No more failures and not knowing why! No more screwed up faces when you claim proudly that your cake is gluten free.

Join our gluten free baking community, where you'll find like minded bakers! As well as receiving 1 on 1 help with me, Stacey, the owner and baker of Champagne and Gumboots.

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